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I have a special gift. It is called Attention Deficit Disorder. I find myself juggling multiple tasks at one time and my brain is always on (at full speed). If I were a computer, numerous tabs would be open at all times! Often, my body wears out before I accomplish all I want. I am a list maker, a hobby addict, a project planner, an idea originator, a volunteer of many things and a source of agitation to my husband.

I have learned in my 40 some years that by writing down some of the stuff going on in my brain, it helps to focus on the other things…like the more important ones! 

This is a blog about life. Everybody lives one but sometimes it is important to read about another’s point of view on things we all experience. It helps to know others have the same challenges, the same problems, and the same situations as you.  I do not offer great epiphanies, words of wisdom or secrets to a well lived life. I just want to share with you my perspective on the everyday stuff. And, in the process, maybe I will help someone…

This is therapeutic for me and hopefully enjoyable for you!



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