Time- a poem by Marc Ford


Is it what you have from this point forward,

Is it what you have spent on life’s giving few.

Is it what we expect to have plenty of tomorrow

or do we always run out too many too soon.

Is time like a pond on a clear quiet day,

or is time like the waves of an ocean spray.

We begin life one day then we are gone.

Nothing is left to say but “I wish I would have spent my time in each moment of the day”.

-Marc Ford: June 26, 1973-December 11, 2014

Nancy, his wife, found this poem among some of his things just a few weeks ago. This poem is not dated so we are not sure when he wrote it. My brother was a fun, carefree guy and it may surprise many that he had a “poetic” side.

As his sister, I knew how prophetic he could be. He loved to ponder things, speculate and dream. As a child, Marc often seemed to have his head in the clouds and I’ve often wondered since he died, what his childhood mind was thinking so hard on?

Marc loved to laugh but he also loved a good debate. Perhaps he had a better grasp on the importance of life than most? He spent his days smiling, laughing and purposefully making other’s days brighter as well. He truly knew how to spend life in each moment.


2 thoughts on “Time- a poem by Marc Ford

  1. i can’t tell you everything he thought in that Kindergarten year. I had 19 other children that needed my attention and I was still so young myself but the teacher always learns more than the student is so true. Marc had my heart from the beginning. I don’t really know why except we really connected. Maybe it was because I really liked your mama and could see me parenting like her one day or maybe it was their faith in God that your parents were modeling for you two that was also important to me.
    Regardless of the reason , he brought such joy to my teaching that year. Always happy, sensitive to others, energetic, creative, funny even then and as smart as you were, Angie. It’s sad to say that I don’t remember all my students and the years sometimes run together but that was one of my happiest most fun years as a teacher. I probably prayed more for my students that year than I ever did after that. I had lots of beautiful, smart, fun & precious children over the years that made teaching such a joy for me. Marc Ford made teaching in 1978-79 one of those perfect years. I know many lives were effected positively by his! I was blessed by his precious life too and the life of his sweet family.
    The poem is beautiful.

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