Health is Wealth

It seems there is a new diet fad every week. A get thin quick scheme that reels people in with the propaganda it sells. Most is extreme. Most is short lived. Most works for only a short period of time and the user will either burn out, gain the weight back (plus some) or have financial set backs and diet failure stories to tell as a result. The list is endless and I won’t go through them all. You know them! We have all tried them, right?! I’m as guilty as the next person! We live in a society that wants everything fast and easy. No one wants to work for what they want anymore. Even fitness programs offer fast results. “Five minutes a day!” or “No sweat, no workout”, “Lose fat while you sleep”…
It’s enticing, but we know better. In our subconscious we are thinking, “there is no way this could possibly work!”. It’s still a scientific fact that we must burn more calories than we consume to lose weight. There is no trick.
Some say eat whatever combination you like, just watch your caloric intake. Some say watch your fat! Fat is bad! Others say carbohydrates are the enemy. Of course there is the more extreme diets that require you to only drink one type of liquid for an extended period of time or just one type of soup for several days in a row…ect, ect…
BUT, the truth is NO one diet works for EVERYONE! We are individuals. God made us that way. Just as some have blue eyes, some have brown hair, others are tall, while others are of fair complexion we all have different metabolisms, different gastrointestinal flora and enzymes that work together to break down food and use them for our bodies. What works for one person, may not work for another.
The KEY is to find the type of diet that works for YOU! Is it paleo? Is it vegan? Does your body respond better when you stick to whole grains, raw fruits and veggies? Or are you more of a lean protein type of person? Do you do better when you avoid dairy or gluten?
As a Health Coach I can help you figure these things out! In my 21 Day Clean Up Your Diet, I will walk you through the process of how to eliminate the things that are not right for you and focus on the foods that do work for you! Plus, give you recipes and tips on how to prepare meals for a better you:) Instead of diving into the next new diet craze, how about learning how YOUR unique body works and why it needs the foods it needs and how to give it what makes it the happiest?!
Knowledge is Power and Health is Wealth! Join me for the 21 Day Clean Up Your Diet!!

you are what you eat


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