Blogception (A blog about blogging)

Why blog? I admit, I thought it a little egotistical, ostentatious and narcissistic when I first heard of blogging. Why would others want to read about you, your random thoughts or even about things you deemed interesting? Then, I joined Facebook:)

I have since read many an interesting blog…and decided recently I would give it a try. My 19 yr old son asked “Mom, why do YOU have a blog?”. My answer was honestly…”I don’t know. I’m sitting here now trying to think of something to blog about.” His answer was, “Why don’t you blog about blogging. You know, a blogception!”. I do have clever kids;)

I believe people blog for the same reasons they write journal articles, books and even letters. There are things they want to tell someone, information they want to share and often it is just therapeutic to get concerns off your chest. Blogging is cheaper than therapy. And really, does it actually matter with blogging how many people “like” it or are reading it? I’m sure a many, now successful writers, had their rambling thoughts hand written or typed on pages of paper…waiting to become something bigger or just exercise for their inquisitive and imaginative heads. I would venture to say there have been blogs that have evolved into something more for some clever wordsmith. But, for every such fortunate blogger, there are many many more, like myself, who simply enjoy a forum in which there is no word limit, subject matter, and if your lucky, no rude or disparaging comments. In fact, this blog of mine, may never be of any use or of any interest to anyone but myself. I am okay with that.

So, like many things over the years, I’ve changed my mind about the blog. I’m eating the proverbial crow on this one too…(at this point in my life I should have a cookbook dedicated to the many delicacies of said black bird). Perhaps it will turn into something useful or it may merely serve as a more enjoyable way for me to express my opinions on things no one else really cares about:)


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