Bahamas 2013

Bahamas 2013

Vacationing with “grown” children. There really should be a manual. My husband and I were not prepared it. I encountered young couples with toddlers in strollers, babies crying and “preteens” looking at them like they still had a brain….and, I envied them! Really? Here I was not dealing with whining, smelly, hungry, demanding sugar eye grade schoolers…mine were taking off on their own to hit the waterpark rides, finding food for their own meals and half of them didn’t even stay in my hotel room! That was the problem. I missed my kids being little. I missed them wanting to spend time with me. I missed them begging, “mom please, can we have ice cream?”, “mom, can we ride the water ride now?” mom, will you come with me to do this?”….Nope…they didn’t need me (well, they needed my money but not me)…Don’t let others fool you, the empty nest has it’s perks but any decent parent will mourn their child’s “childhood” for a period of time. Seeing them as young adults, letting them make their own decisions and giving them space to do things without me… these are the challenges I face daily. There really should be a support group….


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